“Al ver las obras de Liliana puedo percibir en cada una un tipo de música, sonidos diversos, dados por el gran dinamismo, ritmos, movimientos que hay en cada uno de los elementos que la componen. En los colores vibrantes se destaca la utilización de mucha luz, incluyendo en su arcoiris los colores fluorescentes.

La carga matérica es importante y en cada mancha nace una figura en espacios totalmente abstractos; siendo sus obras abstractas, en algunas se perciben seres sugeridos que nacen del más alla, de su interior, y que quieren comunicar, y decirnos algo.

La artista juega mucho con los complementarios, sus obras puede ser bien cálidas, como bien frías, pero la fuerza de cada una de sus pinceladas con la técnica de pincel seco nos deja ver las transparencias de los colores de fondo. Allí las líneas, las formas de sus personajes se van deshaciendo y van formando el todo en su obra.

Ella construye un lenguaje plástico propio, podemos disfrutar de toda su esencia, de su espíritu, su alma."

“La división de la realidad pictórica es utilizada para abrir puertas y encontrar presencias en el alma . Con trazo seguro , instintivo , y un buen gesto, Liliana Fabbian busca y encuentra el espíritu del arte mismo "

Liliana Fabbian's interesting paintings are predominantly abstract and matter liveliness become the creative protagonist. Consequently, the work show here emphasizes the significance of the awakening as a new beginning that sets in motion something dormant. Lines and shapes dissolve; nothing is closed since all elements interact freely and thanks to the artist's inventivennes and playful attitude spread and live sparkling images.

Colors blend an repel while thw superb overlap zeroes in on the powerful greens and oranges, adding lights to intense chiaroscuros. The resulting landscape seems to represent another universe, impresive and striking, following the paths that leads to a still uncompleted realm. Llliana Fabbian's aesthetic weapons are her feelings and sensibility. As Pablo Picasso used to say, "To draw, you must close your eyes and sing"

Liliana defines her work as automatist and explains: “Iwas trully engaged with this technique. It includes starting with a stain, without thinking, to clean it later. It means that little by little, certain objects, feelings, situations appear on the canvas. They are not actually specific, but they are shaping into what the stains suggest to you." "This technique establishes a very intimate relationship between the canvas and the artist. There is nothing outside to look for. It is a very internal or spiritual painting, non-figurative but abstract.".

Taking her words and analyzing her work, we see that Liliana Fabbian builds a visual language. It is based on the stain through the color.

She uses the color as a vibrating element, she plays with it through symbols and shapes.

Her work makes us travel through the depths achieved in sensitive textures and soft contrasts.

While her work is not figurative, we see suggested silhouettes, that the viewer senses. Thus, Liliana reaches a rhythmic unit, a synthesis between abstraction and surrealism.

Her paintings are full of energy and visual power. She experiences "improvisation." In fact she is following her inner voice and her inspiration. She draws attention to an intimate dialogue and shows her commitment to art.

Liliana Fabbian's work as a whole flows and influences the emotional side. That is the dialogue that the artist wants to establish with the viewers.

Lic. Claudia Sanzi
Curator & Museologist
Art Criticism

Spirit, soul: Two terms widely attached to everything that involves a deep artistic commintment. The wandering of human beings through a world marked by the meaningless. The confirmation of beauty, of harmony, increases the idea that a mystic life is possible.

In her work, Liliana Fabbian presents the most spiritual lines which a creator may face. She recreates inert spaces where the human beings roam in search of truth. In search of a vital rhythm that leads them to find a guide in their slow walk. A reason to exist. A certain strenght to continue fighting.

In her work, the tenuous, the blurring of space and the “indistinct” are the cornerstone. The idea that reality is uncertain is presented as a priority. It is amazingly opposed to what we think is our fluctuating path along this crazy world. This crazy society surrounds us and conditions us under the observant look of power. That is nothing but the economic element.

Faceless beings aim their step or just venture social showcase. An unreality puntuated by selfishness, by an incongruous communty. They response against injustices and grievances. They support a large number of people gripped by social chaos, by a sordid response with no resolution value.

Fabbian outstandingly combines this whole themed machine with development as regards line and technique. She packs a successful color treatment with a verifiable use of a formal – background game.

All the production set is interesting. It involves different moments of a life in which the feeling marks the development of a work. It marks its complication on the expressive side. It marks its complication on the expressive side. It reviews the tonality giving the key meaning and the author position. She grips the surroundings, her most personal thoughts and motivation.

The meaning is the revelation of a path. A path that leads us to a common end. It shows us how to cooperate and live in harmony with nature. More specifically, human coexistence.